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Creme Ultra Lite Crank

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Matching the hatch is important in any water, whether it's big or small. The Creme® Ultra Lite Crank fills that small-bait need when fish are honing in on bite-sized prey, such as young-of-the-year baitfish. This tiny floater-diver is easy to fish; it dives on the pull, and it floats back toward the surface when paused—a great way to trigger strikes! Best on 4-8 lb. line, tied direct.

  • 1" Long
  • 1/10oz
  • 2-1/2' Max Diving Depth
  • Size 14 Treble Hook
  • Ultra-small floater-diver
  • Great in any water, big or small
  • Perfect for matching the hatch
  • Dives on the pull, floats at rest
  • Best on light line, with no snap