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Panfish Magnet Kit

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85pc Kit Contains: 15 Black Extra-Long hooks, 70 bodies

• BEST PANFISH COLORS: These unique colors have been carefully selected as our best Panfish colors.

• EXTRA-LONG PANFISH JIGHEAD: Our 1/64oz EXTRA-LONG Panfish jighead in combination with these specially selected colors create a deadly Panfish setup.

 The Panfish Magnet Kit is a collection of our 7 best panfish colors. Perfect in almost every water condition, these colors are deadly on all panfish. The Panfish Magnet Kit comes with (10) of the following body colors: Bison, Bulldog, Bumble Bee, Catalpa (Black/Green), Mealworm, Purple Haze and Root Beer. The kit also includes (15) black Extra-Long 1/64oz size 8 hooks.