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Phantom Fluorocarbon Leader

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Phantom Fluorocarbon is specifically made for reducing underwater line visibility. By using small 18" to 24" leader line to the end of you monofilament line you greatly increase the amount of strikes.

The Trout Magnet prostaff never fishes without a fluorocarbon leader, and they have designed the perfect fluorocarbon line for drifting the Trout Magnet under a float. Phantom fluoro will help you catch more of any type of fish by reducing line visibility. We encourage fisherman to try 3lb Phantom first, but mastering the 2lb fluoro would be better. Set your drag, play the fish, and net everything you catch.


• PURE FLURO: 100 % fluorocarbon leader material
• LARGE SPOOL: 50mm spools allows for more leaders than most spools
• FISH CAN’T SEE IT: Helps get more bites in clear water while drifting lures like a Trout Magnet
• FLY OR SPIN: Great for fly fishing or spin fishing small lures or baits